Why should schools use school management software

In today’s competitive world it gets very difficult and tiresome to manually manage the humongous amount of information available in schools along with the daily operational process of running a school or an educational institute. Managing timetable, attendance, transportation, and fees collection is just the tip of the ice-burg, and managing all of these manually takes a toll on the system.

However, as technology has made our life better and has spread through all aspects of our life. The education system has also been impacted positively.
There are few major reasons why every school or educational institute should have school management software in Delhi and they are mentioned below:-

1.       Administration and Management– These have made the admission process easy, smooth, and paperless. Admission forms can be filled online along with submitting other documents. Also, it can be done from anywhere without being physically present.

2.       Electronic communication-This is especially very useful for those parents who want to keep an update on their children’s progress but cannot do it due to their busy schedule. This feature allows them to be able to be actively involved with their children’s academic progress.

3.       Software for school fees management-This feature takes away the hassle of handling cash. Allowing online transaction gives the benefit of advance payments or getting alerts on when the next payment is due along with digital receipts.

4.       Attendance Monitoring-With the help of smart cards or biometric devices the age-old, time-consuming process of roll call has lost its value. Attendance has become automated making it less time consuming and more accurate.

5.       Increase productivity-With the help of this software generating comprehensive reports will be just a click away. Automations will help if saving a lot of time and energy which will help improve productivity as now you can focus on other priorities.

The School ERP Software in Delhi has made managing a school on a daily basis very easy and smooth due to which it’s become indispensable for every educational institute. It’s specially designed to manage all the administrative tasks of a school effectively and smoothly allowing you to accomplish much more.

Why is ERP software important for school management

School ERP Software where ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ simplifies work as it makes accessing information easy and real-time, unlike old times. It’s designed to integrate all administrative tasks on one platform helping in streamlining and managing information efficiently.

Why is ERP software important for school management?

  • Improves Productivity– It’s important to use School management software as it helps digitalize and automate a lot of manual work saving time and resources which can be instead used to enhance other aspects in an educational institute.
  • Simplifies Data Storage and Processing-An educational institute in today’s date has to process, store, and manage a huge amount of data which isn’t simple if it has to b done manually. Thus the School ERP Software can efficiently manage, store, and process all the data in real-time.
  • Scheduling and time table-This helps keeping a track of every activity and event that is/will be held or organized in a school/educational institute helping in smooth and better execution.
  • Attendance-Tracking and managing student’s daily activities with this tool are very simple. You no longer have to depend on the traditional procedure of roll call but instead with the help of smart card or biometric tracking a child’s attendance making it less time-consuming.
  • E-communication– Helps in parent-teacher interaction allowing parents to be updated on a real-time basis about their children’s progress. This is especially helpful for those parents who cannot make time to be physically present due to their hectic schedules. It also helps students with resolving queries from anywhere.
  • Fees managementSoftware for school fees management is another vital feature as it allows online fee collection without having to deal with cash. It not only helps in tracking fees paid, fees due, fees receipts but also sends alerts or reminders for payments due if any.

Schools play an important role in shaping our future generation so being efficient and productive is very crucial. Thus School management software is a tool that helps your institute or school achieve the best results due to an improved teacher-student interaction.

Why SmartSkool software is useful for School?

Smartskool is a user friendly information system that offers various features that makes search easy for students. It’s always remains a tough job to search the information through the vast database. But the award winning information system makes life easy as it offers various features that are super easy to deal with. Go through this article to find out the facilities offered by this system.

SmartSkool Information System:

Being a head of your school, one always has to manage lots of things at a time. Gathering information about a particular student or in a particular aspect makes life more hectic. Here the magic of SmartSkool comes. This offers various ways (e.g. School Management Software / school ERP software/ Fees Management Software) to search a student’s information which are already available in the software.

Let us discuss the advantages offers by this information system;

  1. Information using Admission no/ student’s reference no:

By knowing the admission no of a particular student, one can easily search all the information already incorporated by the school management software. By clicking on the “Dashboard”, one has to go to the “Students details”. By this process, one particular page containing all the information about the student will appear.

  1. Information using First/ Last name of a student:

By knowing the first/last name of a particular student, one has to use “Search” option to find that particular student.

  1. Information using the action search option in the top menu:

An action search option is provided in the top right menu. By typing the first name/ surname of a particular student one have to select the “Search Students” option. A page containing the information will be displayed.

  1. Advanced Search:

One of the great option offered by this information system is to search a particular student on the basis of any specific information, such as blood group, personal document no or the details of provinces the students are from. By choosing the option “Advance search” in “Student’s details” column, one has to click on “Advanced” button which is available at the top corner of the web page. Even in case of any medical emergency, this option may prove itself to be quite helpful.

  1. Former Students Search:

This toolkit not only provides details of current students, but also stores details about a former student, which makes this search tool even better to use. By choosing “Student Details” with the option “Advance Search” one can easily get an insight of details of former students.

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Why do we need ERP software for school & colleges?

Education has long evolved from simply being a uniform way of universal training and imparting of knowledge to the organised sector it is today. The education sector has evolved numerous times through the previous centuries and has acquired its current style that we see today. As is with every other industry and sector, science and technology has had considerable influence in transforming the education sector such as the revolution brought about by the introduction of computers in the school management system and the curriculum.

It thus makes sense to further integrate the school and college systems with computer systems that specialize in resource management and planning. Enterprise Resource Planning software are tailor made to ease back office functions and smooth out inter-department communication and sharing of resources. It makes it easier of all the stakeholders to access the required information and makes it easier for the administration to control the allocation of resources and keep a track of the resources used by the various departments.

Advantages of ERP in School and Colleges

  • Accounts Management: ERP makes it easier to manage financial accounts of students as well as create accounts for various departments and keep track of the expenses in real time. It also allows you to maintain the school accounts and the manage the various liabilities and create periodic reports.
  • Exam Management: A central grading and exam database allows you to accumulate all the examination related data in a single place which can be retrieved at a moment’s notice. Evaluation of student performance and periodic reports to track progress can be made and it can be used as a database to provide easy access to results to the students.
  • Staff management: ERP allows you to keep a track of your employees attendance and evaluate their performance just like in any other sector to help you increase the efficiency of your school/college. You can manage the payrolls of your employees and keep a track of your employees work history.

A central database carries all the data related to the school/college and helps you keep track and manage the distribution and usage of resources and make decisions to help you streamline operations to make efficient use of academic resources. School ERP software also helps you to allow outside stakeholders to have a connection with the internal database which is under your control and supervision.